We’ve Had A Makeover!

Welcome to the brand new UNITE HERE, Local 43. If you hadn’t noticed, we have been in the process of a transformation for the past year. Beginning last year, we re-wrote our Bylaws and changed our name from The Dining Car Employees Union, Local 43 to UNITE HERE, Local 43. As much as some of wanted to hold onto our connection to the rich history of the Dining Car Workers, the fact is that our membership today expands way beyond the dining car.

To coincide with our name change, we decided that maybe it was time that we changed not just our appearance, but also the entire way we do business, our goal being to better serve you in every respect. With that said, we have totally updated our brand, to include a new logo, new letterhead and this new web page. As you can see, we have included all sorts of resources to make current information available to with just a couple of clicks on your phone, computer or tablet.

Also, as most of you are already aware, there was recently an election of officers and trustees and you can view them under the “Leadership” tab.

In the very near future, you can look forward to the Local’s new newsletter and we invite the input and participation of each of you. Let us know what information you want to see on both this page and the newsletter.

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