Initial Claims, Grievances and Discipline matters should be directed as follows:

REGION: Chicago
NAME: Christopher Worley
TITLE: General Chairperson
ADDRESS: 1130 S. Wabash Ave, Ste 205, Chicago, IL 60605
PHONE: (312) 622-5060

REGION: Washington DC
NAME: Dwayne Bateman
TITLE: General Chairperson, East
ADDRESS: PO Box 464, Accokeek, MD 20607
PHONE: (202) 256-2798

REGION: New Orleans
NAME: Zachary Andrews
TITLE: District Chairperson, New Orleans
ADDRESS: PO Box 3205, Loganvill, GA 30052
PHONE: (312) 961-2481

You may also call upon the following District Chairpersons and District Representatives for assistance.

Randall Lucas – Chicago
(773) 750-5321

Eric Crouse – Washington DC
(410) 459-4421

Williams Johnson – Washington DC
(202) 696-7040

Dwayne Wilson – New Orleans
(225) 938-8421

For matters regarding your membership, dues or to update any information, call the Chicago office at (312) 427-4373 and speak with either Donald M. Boyd (Secretary Treasurer) or Isaac Monroe (Administrative Assistant).